Bible & Other Free Downloads

Here is a .pdf download of The Bible. It is the King James Version.

By clicking the link The Bible will automatically be opened as a .pdf document in another page. Please contact me if you are having difficulty viewing the document.

You should be able to increase the page size so reading is easier.

King James Bible

The New Testament starts on page 559 and is a record of Jesus written by disciples who walked with Him.

Here is a free Bible program for your computer. Free Bible Program

Here is a tract you can download to spread your faith in your everyday walk. You can give one to anybody you meet throughout the day. The cashier, the teller, the mechanic, etc. Here are the directions:

  1. Each Sheet makes 3 tracts.
  2. The document has 2 pages but print on the front and back to make 1 page.
  3. After printed, cut along the two horizontal lines thus separating the 3 tracts.
  4. Fold along the vertical line on the first page of each tract.
  5. Complete the tract by folding the back.

I keep them in my car and wallet. All you have to say is something like “I give these out as part of my ministry, I hope it helps you” or “Jesus has been good to me and I wanted you to have this, I hope it helps”. If you have questions after downloading just send me a note. God Bless.

Download Tract