About the Site

I hope this site comforts you. Don’t ever believe you cannot be forgiven. Trust Jesus Christ for your salvation and He forgives all of your sins, past and present. God Bless.

Waiver and Release: This website is not a councelling website and we assume no responsibility or liability for any decisions you may make. I know this sounds out of character for the site but unfortunately I must say it. This website is here to comfort you or provide a means for others to share their experiences, that is it. This is not a councelling website and again we assume no responsibility with how you use this information.

Scripture References: I use the King James Version for my Scripture references.

Copywrite Policy: I know at the bottom of every page it says “All Rights Reserved”. This is referring to the template I used for the website. You can copy any of the material on this site (accept for any images because I may have purchased them as royalty free) and distribute as you wish as long as you do not use the material for monetary gain. Any downloads on the site is either my own material, freeware, out of copywrite, or used with permission.

Privacy Policy: I would NEVER give your email out, period.

Matt Chumas